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Color paper chains resembling a rainbow
Be a rainbow...

Cultivate loving kindness as a daily practice in your life :)

Festival invite

Join us on May 31st at 5pm

@Twality Commons

Invitacion al festival
FESTIVAL MULTICULTURAL Escuelas Unidas con Twality

Unase a nosotros el 31 de Mayo a las 5pm


En Los Commons de Twality 

News & Announcements

District Announcements

2024-2025 Reductions and Adjustments
Reductions were communicated to staff across the district this week.  You can read more about the 2024-2025 Reductions and Adjustments and view the presentation in the April 8, 2024, Board Meeting video.

Boundary Update
On April 8, 2024, the school board approved the boundary update for the Durham Elementary, Bridgeport Elementary, Hazelbrook Middle School, and Twality Middle School boundaries. 

image: highlighted change

Upcoming Events